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June 13, 2023

Our Latest Studio Tool, Morpholio


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As architects, we use a range of tools to help bring our designs to life. Morpholio Trace has emerged as a game-changer in our field, empowering studios like ours to collaborate seamlessly, allowing us to share and edit designs effortlessly, even in remote work environments.

The necessity for remote collaboration became especially apparent during the pandemic, when physical proximity to our desks and colleagues was no longer an option. At one point, principal Russ Tyson contemplated setting up a drafting table in his dining room (but that was a no-go). Instead, he began using Morpholio Trace—a drawing app that essentially turned his iPad into a portable drafting table.

Morpholio Trace offers functionalities similar to popular design apps like Procreate, but with a specific focus on architectural and interior design projects. The tool allows our team to easily share drawings and designs back and forth, fostering a dynamic and efficient collaborative process that can happen virtually anywhere.

Morpholio recently asked us to share how we utilize the app and how it influences our creative process on their “Get to Know the Pros” series. With multiple team members equipped with iPads and Apple Pencils, we can engage in the traditional art of hand drawing, but in a digital realm. Some of the landscape architects we work with regularly have begun using the app as well, allowing us to collaborate even more effectively on projects together. 

As our profession evolves, we will continue to adapt and embrace new tools and technologies that enhance our design process, improve collaboration, and elevate the quality of our work.


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