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Regional Design

No matter where a home is, its design should develop from an appreciation for and an understanding of its site and surrounding context. Although we’ve collectively designed projects all over the country, at Whitten Architects, our focus is New England. Since 1986, our site-specific design experience in New England has given us a comprehensive understanding of all the climatic and geographic factors that dramatically affect a home’s performance in our region.

Whether we’re working as a local resource for clients from here or away, we love having clients who cherish Maine and New England as much as we do. We are familiar with the regulatory guidelines of the area, and have ample experience navigating the approvals process within many local communities. Understanding the goals, dreams, and constraints related to each project and community we work within is of paramount importance to us.

From Nova Scotia to Martha’s Vineyard, our designs are regionally appropriate and stand the test of time. Here are some of the areas we commonly do work in.