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December 23, 2015

Dramatic Imagery of a Coastal Maine Retreat


Russ Tyson

The best way to experience one of our designs is to visit the home and walk through its spaces and landscape. Though this, of course, is not always feasible. The next best option for sharing our designs is through still photography. We take great care in selecting the right photographer for each particular project. Scouting and storyboarding the particular images to effectively convey the character of each home are an important part in the process. Orchestrating a particular shoot is a daunting task that can be greatly affected by the time of year, weather, available sunlight, landscaping, and the schedules of all those involved.

We felt photographer Trent Bell was up to the challenge. Earlier this fall we spent two days with him, his crew, and interior designer (stylist) Nadine Cole. Trent framed well-considered traditional stills, but also captured video footage and used a drone to shoot images from a vantage point that only existed in our mind’s design-eye beforehand.

Trent’s resulting imagery is stunning and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The video footage was carefully edited into a 3-minute movie that vividly captures the spaces within the site-specific design, movement through and around them, their connection to the outdoors, and the innate sounds of the location.

Final still photography can be seen here: Spurwink Retreat


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