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June 12, 2014

Flying Maine Boulders


Russ Tyson

The site-specific design of Spurwink Retreat, nestles the home into a very rocky, yet previously developed coastal site. While the previous home did occupy an incredible piece of property, its design virtually ignored the natural surroundings. In fact, it was evident that the earth was artificially manipulated so as to cover or remove as much of the craggy ledge as possible, affording lots of man-made lawn and asphalt.

In our design collaboration with Richardson & Associates Landscape Architects, we’ve looked to remove this man-made barrier between the home and its coastal site. In some areas, soil is being removed to expose underlying ledge outcroppings and in other areas we are bringing in our own ledge … hence the "flying boulders."

As you can see from the pictures, bringing in 18-ton boulders is a monumental effort. However, we believe they will help to restore some of the site’s innate coastal character. Once positioned into their final resting place and buried half way in to the earth, the lichen covered boulders will feel like they’ve always been there.

We must say thank you to Wright-Ryan Homes, Gnome Landscapes, and Northeast Crane Service for all of their hard work.

A hearty thank you must also go out to the native Maine moss and lichen for allowing us to disturb them for a few weeks. Hopefully they enjoy the new view.


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