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November 10, 2015

A Maine Cottage Transformation


Russ Tyson

It's fun to look back and compare the before images of Higgins Beach Cottage Duo to the imagery recently captured by photographer Jonathan Reece. The transformation is dramatic.

A side-by-side comparison of the "front cottage" plan before and after renovations is telling. With careful editing of existing walls and structural components we were able to provide open-plan living on the main floor. The newly configured space now serves as the great room and main gathering space for the "front" and "back" cottage.

Prior to the renovation efforts, visitors entered directly into the kitchen via an unprotected set of stairs that was difficult to access from the street. Our solution lowers the roofline at the Northwest corner of the "front cottage" and provides a better transition from street to two-story home. Here, a protected stair and covered porch is carved out of the existing structure. Visitors now enter the middle of the home, under cover, and on the main circulation spine of the great room and "back cottage" beyond.

Throughout the remainder of the project, windows were enlarged, added, and arranged to provide better views out, abundant daylight, and natural ventilation to all interior spaces. The view of Scarborough's Higgins Beach and surrounding neighborhood from the second floor Master Bedroom is especially enhanced.

Additional images of the transformation process can be seen here: Design Story

We want to thank RP Morrison Builders, Hurlbutt Designs, and Emma Kelly Landscape for their collaborative efforts on a wonderfully successful project.


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