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Project Types

We believe the houses we design should reflect our clients and their site, rather than any rigid architectural style or whim. That’s why at Whitten Architects, we prefer to let the design of each project unfold from an appreciation of your specific site and an understanding of your programmatic needs and aesthetic interests. As a guide for our clients, we often refer to vernacular New England precedent when considering building scale, proportions, massing, forms, and materials — we think it helps tie the home to this particular region. While it is sometimes difficult to classify a home’s style, we’ve identified common home typologies that may offer our clients some initial guidance for the design of their home, such as multi-structure homes, intergenerational homes, new construction, and renovations. Often a home’s design may include aspects from several of these, providing even greater depth and interest to the design. Here are some of the common project types we work on.