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August 31, 2022

Sand Rooms: What They're For & Why We Love Them


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Maine architects love a good mudroom. Here at Whitten, we’ve even coined them the ​“hardest-working room in the house.” Mudrooms are put to the test during the coldest and wettest months of the year – when snow and rain gear and warm layers need a place to live. But during the hot summer months, when lake and ocean living is at its prime, we also need a place to store gear: sandy shoes, wet swimsuits and towels, paddleboards. Enter the Sand Room. We often design mudrooms that can transition into sand rooms to give the space multi­func­tion­ality. Typically, a sand room is located off of or adjacent to a waterfront porch — any place where people will be coming and going to the beach or lakefront. For these rooms we typically like to use wood-boarded walls and ceilings, granite or tile floors, and wood cabinetry and cubbies. Below we round up some of our favorite summer sand rooms.

At Penny Candy Cove, the sand room was designed to feel like a space that was both inside and outside.
At the Goose Rocks Beach House, the sand room functions as direct access between the front door on the arrival side to the backdoor leading straight to the beach, which meant that choosing the right materials for flooring was key. High-durability, high-traffic, and wear-resistant materials help buffer against the outside elements.
Lake Winnipesaukee Retreat’s sand room is the first point of access to the home for guests arriving via boat, kids coming in from a day on the water, or the family’s dog wet from a day of swimming.
A good sand room can also work as a transition space both physically and mentally. It helps guests leave the outside world behind by shedding boots and jackets to move into the cozier interior spaces.
The sand room at Pleasant Lake Camp is an all-purpose space, great for the transition between summer lakeside activities and cooler weather in the shoulder seasons.


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