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December 1, 2015

A Sunny Meadow At Bunganuc Woods House


Russ Tyson

The site-specific design and orientation of Bunganuc Woods House carefully nestles the 2,500 square foot home into the northeast corner of a wooded lot that was once a pasture. To the south and west, in collaboration with Emma Kelly Landscape, we proposed returning a portion of the site to open meadow. A large eastern white pine and oak, cherished by our clients, have been saved to flank the south end of the meadow. The small clearing creates a sun-pocket in the middle of the woods and serves as the centerpiece from which the plan of the home and spaces are arranged around.

The main living space is elongated east to west and includes an 8' tall by 30' long glass wall, with sliding doors, that faces south towards the sun, the meadow, and the specimen trees beyond. Just outside the sliding doors a garden patio and screen house provide manageable and protected outdoor space for the homeowners. The first floor master wing wraps along the west side of the patio and ends in a bedroom with repeated view to the south.

On November 16th at 7:30AM we were able to see for the first time what the minimal amount of clearing has done for the property. Dark shadows have given way to early morning sun that, even with fall’s low-angle altitude, lit the tops of the trees that will serve as the backdrop for the home.

Later this week will be happy to see Merrymeeting Builders begin construction of the foundation and we look forward to many more enjoyable jobsite visits.


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