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A home is unique, a place like no other.

At Whitten Architects, we encourage our clients to be active participants in the design of their homes. We listen to your thoughts, priorities, and dreams, and collaborate in the design of a meaningful space for you and your family.

Our approach centers around creating a home that is a reflection of you — tailored specifically for you, your property, and your budget. We are dedicated to helping our clients get the best possible home for their investment. We will look beyond your immediate requirements and ensure that your home is flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs. We also consider the life-cycle costs of owning and operating your home. A well-planned building will provide the owner long-term savings in maintenance costs, operational costs, and functional efficiency.

Our design approach is characterized by:

  • A three-phase process.
    Our three-phase design process and fee structure allows us to work together to maximize the value of your investment. The design process begins with an initial meeting at our office at no cost. From there, our design phases include: Design Concepts, Pricing & Permitting Drawings, and Construction Documents & Construction Administration.
  • Sustainability as an inherent part of our thinking.
    We believe the most sustainable home is first and foremost a well-designed home. Sustainable design promotes positive environmental decisions. Careful and sensitive planning can eliminate the negative impacts associated with conventional residential construction, and add lifetime value to your home.
  • Experience in New England and beyond.
    From as far north as Nova Scotia to as far south as Martha’s Vineyard, our 30+ years of site-specific design experience in New England have given us a comprehensive understanding of all the climatic and geographic factors that dramatically affect a home’s performance in our region. Since 1986, we have been advocates of regionally appropriate and sustainable architecture.
  • Experience with a variety of project types.
    Rather than rigidly advocating for a particular architectural style or whim, we let the design of each project evolve from the evaluation of your site, your programmatic and spatial needs, and your lifestyle. We often refer to vernacular New England precedents when considering building scale, proportions, massing forms, materials, and the timeless qualities of well-conceived camps, cottages, and farmhouses, as well as the neighborhood context. Most of our projects are new homes, but we also design additions and renovations to interesting older homes and structures.
  • Site-specific design.
    We believe a home’s design should develop from an appreciation for and understanding of its site and surrounding context. Because of this, we design homes that are tailored to fit the homeowner and their site. This means orienting the home to maximize sun exposure, natural light and ventilation, and views, while taking advantage of any natural features.

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