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May 20, 2014

Spring has finally arrived at Summer's End!


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We couldn't help but have a little fun, with this play on words. Summer's End is actually the name our client coined for their project on a beautiful site located along a New Hampshire lakefront. Earlier this month, we met on site together with the Owner, Richardson & Associates, and K.P. Hood Construction. The ice had finally melted from the lake, the sun was warm and inviting, and the project was progressing nicely.

Ken Hood and his crew are all craftsmen, which is evident in the quality of their construction. Likewise, Richardson & Associates has done yet another terrific job of delicately integrating their landscape design into the natural wooded site. From the use of vernacular camp architecture, to woven paths through the woods and the shoreside perched beach, the design is becoming seamlessly integrated within the pristine lakeside setting.


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