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November 24, 2013

6 Rules of Thumb for Shoulder Season Spaces


Russ Tyson

We think a well designed home includes rooms that are neither entirely inside, nor outside the home. Even when exterior conditions may be less than ideal, from these in between spaces we can experience the outdoors, while at the same time enjoying the shelter and comfort of the indoors.

In November, we are reminded that with site-specific orientation, these types of spaces can create microclimates. An atmosphere that is distinctly more comfortable than the surrounding landscape. This extends the use of the space into shoulder seasons including late fall and early spring. Open porches, screen porches, sunrooms, balconies, terraces, decks, or even window seats are examples of in between spaces that if oriented properly can create microclimates.

6 Rules of Thumb for Shoulder Season Spaces:

  • Open to southern orientation
  • Screen porches at southwesterly orientation
  • Sunrooms at southeasterly orientation
  • Physical buffer from prevailing winter winds
  • Open to prevailing summer breezes
  • Physical protection of easterly oriented spaces from Nor'easters and wind driven moisture

Review the image gallery below for examples of indoor / outdoor spaces we've designed using the rules of thumb.


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