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Whitten Architects has extensive experience in the design of additions and renovations to a variety of house types. Oftentimes homeowners come to us because while they love the character and feel of their existing home, they are ready for an upgrade. Many of these projects involve restoring some of the home’s inherent charm and preserving it, while also making it suitable for modern-day living. The historical context of the home and its surrounding neighborhood can often demand that the addition be designed within the same scale and language, including similar massings, windows, details, and materials. Whether the addition or renovation is necessary for aesthetic reasons, improved functionality, energy-efficiency, or structural improvements, Whitten Architects always looks to complement the existing home, not copy it exactly. Our philosophy as architects when working with historic structures is to first do no harm; second, make sure all changes are designed to be revocable in the future; and third, create new work that complements, rather than imitates. In this spirit, we choose sustainable materials and finishes that have long been proven in Maine, and that were in keeping with the original home. The New England precedent of connected farm buildings like those described in the book Big House, Little House, Backhouse, Barn serves as an excellent example of well-considered additions to homes over time. No matter what kind of home you have or what kind of change you need, we approach our additions and renovations with the same thoughtful consideration we take with our new design projects.