Falmouth, Maine

c. 1760 Cape Home

In the design of renovations and additions to this classic New England farmhouse, our clients wanted to be sure that the improvements they made respected the architectural character of the original homestead. For over 240 years the residence had sheltered many families under its roof. While the barn and surrounding gardens were in good condition, several parts of the main house and ell were in need of upgrades. We chose sustainable materials and finishes that have long been proven in Maine and were in the spirit of the original home. Improvements included the design of a new ell to replace the old one, connecting in the same spot so that no additional damage would be done. An entry and mudroom are included within the ell, which seamlessly links the old Cape with a new and larger living area addition. Plenty of storage, a bathroom, and the laundry room are located across from the entry. Placement of these utilitarian spaces close to the entry and mudroom was deliberate: with three kids and a dog, quick access to these amenities was important. Three children’s bedrooms, a new spacious playroom, and a large backyard offer the kids plenty of space to play together. The new adult living spaces–a screened porch, a living room, and a new master bedroom suite–offer a quiet retreat from daily activities and work.

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