Coastal, Maine

Two Lights Residence

Positioned on a sloping site in Cape Elizabeth overlooking the Atlantic, this house is all about the breathtaking views, and so was our design—both taking advantage of them and not obstructing them for neighboring homes. Our client sought a floor plan with a separate-but-connected space for her teenaged kids, and the neighborhood context required a house that would fit in in terms of height and scale. Our solution was a design that allows four half-levels to fit within the site’s building height restrictions. The result is a collection of spaces that are separated but still in close proximity to one another—a small house that lives big and fits into its surroundings. Identifying and maximizing ocean views and optimizing sunlight throughout the day and from season to season were critical considerations. Every room was designed with at least one major vista. On the exterior, materials are durable and low-maintenance, ideal for weathering the ocean elements.

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