Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Summer's End Camp

The site for this family camp is located at the end of a peninsula that reaches out into a beautiful New Hampshire lake, offering panoramic views of the waterfront and mountains beyond. The owners have long enjoyed summers in the existing camp, a welcome retreat where the buzz of daily life is replaced by the wind rustling through the treetops. While the original camp is well loved, the growth of the family necessitated a need for more space. The first phase of our design includes a modest seasonal addition to the original cabin, as well as a new storage barn. The added forms and materials borrow from the character of the original camp, as well as vernacular buildings in the Winnipesaukee lakes region. The new architecture responds gently to the existing site and landscape, disturbing as little as possible. We’ve also taken care to position the new buildings so as to respect solar orientation, preserve views in and out of the site, and blend the built forms into the surrounding natural environment.

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