Phase 3: Construction Documents & Construction Administration

This phase of our services includes refinement and documentation of the interior architecture and Construction Administration. We work with you to build upon the information defined in Phases 1 & 2, and develop a set of documents that define the interior architecture, architectural details, and define material finish and fixture selections. During the construction of your home we provide Construction Administration services that include regular site visits, field reports, SK Drawings, and review of the General Contractor’s Applications for Payment.

Phase 3 Services follow Phase 1 & 2 services and include:

        •10 – 12 client meetings
        •Interior Architectural Documents:
                • Primary Interior Elevations
                • Enlarged Floor Plans
                • Interior Detailing
                • Room Finish Schedule and Fixture Selections Schedules
                • Lighting Plan with Lighting Fixtures Schedule
        • Bi-weekly job site visits
        • Field Reports and Meeting Minutes
        • Issue Design Clarification Drawings (SK Drawings) as necessary
        • Review Applications for Payment
        • Engage in 2 Punch List process and Final Walkthrough