Phase 2: Pricing & Permitting Drawings

Building upon the information developed in the first phase of service, we continue to work with our clients to refine the design. You will be afforded the opportunity to make informed decisions concerning the home’s relationship to the site, building size, complexity, massing, spaces, amenities, materials, budgetary goals and permitting requirements. When appropriate, we assist in the evaluation and selection of a General Contractor. As the design advances we issue a progress set of Pricing Documents suitable for building permitting, and general budgeting of the project by qualified General Contractors. With continued design development and knowledge gained from the pricing process we aim to produce a Shell Package suitable for construction start. At the completion of Phase 2, we are typically 65% through our design services.

Phase 2 Services follow Phase 1 Services and include:

        • 4 – 6 client design development meetings
        • Assist in General Contractor evaluation and selection
        • Issue progress set of Pricing and Permitting Documents
        • Shell Package:
                • Architectural Site Diagram
                • Dimensioned Floor Plan(s)
                • Building Elevations: overall forms and materials
                • Building Sections: typical assemblies, floor levels, and structural concepts
                • Structural design and coordination
                • Door and Window Schedules
                • Project Outline Specifications
                • 1 Construction kickoff meeting