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Much of designer Alex Haba’s childhood, outside of school, was spent at his family's midcoast Maine retreat. This experience kindled a reverence for the natural world, a deep curiosity for life around him, and a love of the arts. His parent’s DIY attitude encouraged him to learn by experimentation and to continually uncover how things are put together. This instilled in him an interest in discovering the purpose behind plants, animals, and objects that fill each and every day. Encouraged by artists and trade skills in his family, Alex found his way to architecture after taking woodworking and drafting and design courses at his high school.

Alex graduated from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia with a Bachelor’s of Architecture. In school, he became fascinated by craft—first in graphics and furniture, then in 3D modeling techniques and construction. During summers he worked on framing and hardscaping teams. He also spent a semester in Rome studying materials and anthropology, presented Net-Zero designs to the Department of Energy, and studied future urban ecologies.

Alex worked at a variety of firms in Philadelphia before moving to Maine. Over the years, he has interned for sole practitioners, worked on large retail projects, designed campus additions for healthcare systems, and, most recently, worked for Delano Architecture here in Maine. With each position, Alex has gotten a deeper understanding of the construction process, looking to push his knowledge and creativity along the way. In every project, he seeks to foster connections to nature, celebrating the history of a site and craftsmanship.

Outside of work, Alex enjoys cooking, furniture making, exploring the outdoors, and landscape photography.

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