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Sustainable Site Design

More than 35 years of site-specific design experience in New England have given us a comprehensive understanding of all the climatic and geographic factors that dramatically affect a home’s performance in our region. Proper placement of a home on its particular site is a fundamental principle of sustainable site design. It also has the benefit of not costing any more than the alternative, and in fact it inherently adds value to a home.

Attributes of Sustainable Site Design:

  • Embraces a strong visual and physical connection to the outdoors
  • Maximizes solar exposure for winter heating and natural day-lighting
  • Provides protection from prevailing winter winds
  • Keeps disturbance to natural topography and vegetation to a minimum
  • Takes advantage of natural ventilation for summer cooling
  • Uses native landscaping well adapted to the region
  • Reduces lawn turf areas
  • Controls storm water runoff and erosion
  • Builds on previously developed land where possible