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Long-Term Durability

Long-term durability of your home is essential to the realization of a sustainable green home. New England is a harsh building environment with dramatic temperature swings from winter to summer and a significant amount of precipitation. With our notable experience practicing in this region, we have developed a strong working knowledge of appropriate detailing and material specification to help protect our clients’ investment. Consider us an unbiased, third-party evaluator of the multitude of materials and construction practices offered. Ultimately, the fewer homes we have to replace in the future, the fewer we will have to again extract from the environment.

Durability Guidelines:

  • Use high-performance, low-maintenance materials that age gracefully
  • Rather than a short-term fix, consider life-cycle, maintenance, and operating costs over the long term
  • Keep exterior water out of the building
  • Properly control interior domestic water
  • Use a rain screen wall system
  • Keep pests out of the building
  • Reasonably guard against potential natural disasters where possible