Phippsburg, Maine

Small Point Cottage

This small cottage lives large on a wooded site in an historic Maine summer community. Faced with a tight buildable envelope due to zoning and setback requirements, we designed an open floor plan that efficiently fits all of the homeowners’ requirements into a 2,000-square-foot footprint. On the first floor, an open living, dining, and kitchen area are linked to a private master suite by a screened porch that operates as an outdoor living room with a stone fireplace and translucent skylights. On the upper level, three modestly sized bedrooms share two baths, with the option of closing off one to make it en-suite. The house unfolds with the sun’s movement from east to west. Materials are low-maintenance and high-performance: board walls and wood ceilings on the first floor, custom cabinets and built-ins, soapstone counters, recycled granite fireplace facing, and red birch flooring.

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