Southern Coast, Maine

Oceanfront Cottage

This shingle-style cottage in a small coastal village provides its owners a cherished spot on Maine’s rocky coastline. Having long admired the historic shingle-style cottages that dot the coast of Maine, our clients wanted their new cottage to evoke these qualities, while appearing like it has always been there. A couple nearing retirement with two adult children, the homeowners sought a house with enough space for their expanding family. Our design included a large kitchen, dining, living, and entertainment space with fireplaces, as well as play space for future grandchildren and a barnlike garage with future upper-level guest space. The kitchen and main living spaces open onto a generous waterfront screened porch that includes an outdoor fireplace. An attic bunkroom, tucked under the eaves, provides space for future grandchildren and the next generation of summer memories. Our site-specific design, with its extensive use of regional materials and forms, feels like it has always been a part of the local community.

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