Harpswell Sound, Maine

High Head Cottage

Our clients from Washington, D.C., have ties to Maine and have been entranced by the rugged coastline and waterways that lead to the ocean since they first experienced them many years ago. Their site provided access to this coastline, along with a number of challenges and opportunities.

Over time, exposure to strong winds had almost completely cleared the site of standing trees. This site-specific detail guided our design approach and orientation of the home. Using the existing grades and building the home into the site allowed entry at the peak of the property and elevated panoramic views as you move from north to south toward the water. The homeowners are avid gardeners, so providing a direct connection to the landscape as well as an area of respite from the winds were critical. The walkout basement, with a garden closet and slate tile floors, creates that link to the outdoors and leads to a small patio area surrounded by plantings. This provides a warm sun pocket protected by the home and perfect for relaxing in the afternoon after a morning spent in the gardens.

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