Brunswick, Maine

Bunganuc Woods House

Mid-Coast Maine's Maquoit Bay region encompasses coastal shoreland, upland woods, and contains tranquil Bunganuc Stream. It is a notably diverse habitat that is popular with residents for birdwatching, kayaking, cycling, cross-country skiing, and fishing.

An adventuresome couple, nearing retirement, approached us with a desire to create a home that would harmonize with the surrounding environs while also providing them a chance to comfortably connect with nature and their varied outdoor interests.

Our site-specific design solution locates the home on the northernmost edge of a heavily wooded 3.5-acre parcel, affording an opportunity to clear a sunny solar corridor to the south. This calculated meadow-like opening introduces additional daylight and yields a more varied wildlife habitat. It furthermore provides our clients with an opportunity to pursue their passion for gardening, birdwatching, and sustainable butterfly cultivation.

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