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Jessie Carroll

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With more than a decade of experience, associate principal Jessie Carroll has been nationally recognized for her award-winning architecture. A member of the Whitten team since 2013, she is a licensed architect in Maine and Massachusetts, an adjunct faculty member at University of Maine Augusta, and on the AIA Maine Board of Directors.

Jessie earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture at Northeastern University where she was formally recognized with the highest Design Achievement Award for her graduate thesis work. 

Jessie approaches design work with the benefit of a diverse professional experience. She has worked as a designer at several Boston-based firms, including Utile Inc., Cannon Design Inc., and Chan Krieger Sieniewicz (now NBBJ), where she became well versed in the world of commercial architecture in an urban context. Recognizing the benefits of construction knowledge, she moved to Cape Cod to manage the construction of custom single-family homes by notable architects. Jessie brings her experience, both at the drawing board and in the field, to the studio at Whitten Architects.

Jessie continues to be passionate yet humbled by the practice of residential architecture, which she believes offers an opportunity for intimate and empathetic design, with centuries of historic precedent. A native New Englander with family ties to Maine, Jessie was drawn north by the possibilities Maine’s natural landscapes offer for siting carefully considered homes. Jessie approaches this process of design with a contagious enthusiasm fueled by the collaborative efforts of peers, engaged clients, and resourceful contractors.

If her personal book collection is any indication, Jessie’s passion for architecture extends beyond the studio. She considers herself a forever student of the profession. When she’s not designing homes for clients, she enjoys renovating her own mid-century modern home outside of Portland.